The mPODt Concept

“Armoured vehicle requirements over the next decade will centre around being modular, mobile and adaptable. The demand for light armoured vehicles will outstrip all other variants, meaning the supply chain and end-user must traverse the delicate balance between protection and manoeuvrability during this age of economic austerity.” Armoured Vehicles 2012 Industry Report – Defence iQ

A Concept Overview – How we meet the recommendations above:

The multi-role POD (tracked) (mPODt) is a NEW concept for a truly modular tracked armoured vehicle for the military and civilian security markets.

2013-09-02 mPODt front2

It utilizes a common tracked chassis from a proven in service platform with novel multirole mission PODs.  The multirole PODs, with interchangeable roof plate for extra flexibility, dictate the mission role for the vehicle.  The PODS can be easily changed in the field with very little effort. The Concept demonstrator is a fully functional vehicle.

Roles can include personnel carrier, protected ambulance, command and control, security/weapons platform, surveillance, engineering POD, fuel/water carrying POD; the list is endless the only limitations are your imagination.  The POD can be configured to operate as a static ground dumped capability, it can have its own integral fuel cell power supply, allowing additional flexibility to any small force.

snow_plougOne vehicle chassis can have many roles allowing infinite flexibility for any small force deployment at minimal cost.  The tracked platform can be based on almost any modified chassis and the utility and use of the vehicle is determined by the role of the POD. A hugely cost effective way of expanding a tracked armoured vehicle fleet.

The Mark 1 mPODt utilizes the proven CVR(T) platform to demonstrate the concept in a vehicle weight category of 10-13 tonnes.  However, the chassis could be from a number of in-service vehicles.  The novel aspect is the use of interchangeable multirole POD’s and their integration with an armoured tracked chassis.  The PODs can operate independently when ground dumped as they have integral fuel cell power supplies keeping mission essential equipments working.

In the traditional design compromise of mobility, firepower and protection in  armoured vehicle design is not a compromise with this concept. The mobility is unaffected and for some potential mission roles is improved, the firepower is unaffected as it is adaptable and the protection, for the mission essential elements in the final_framePOD is improved because of the air gap between the POD and the hull.  A 4th benefit not available in any other tracked vehicle design is flexibility – true flexibility in every sense of the word.

There has been much talk over the years of producing a modular and adaptable armoured vehicle concept.  The Swedish SEPs programme and German Boxter programmes came close but married a single role module to each vehicle chassis, roles could not be changed by a crew in the field and the vehicles were not in the 10-13 tonne weight categories.  The talk has finished now, the concept has been developed and the first prototype vehicle produced.  See it at DSEi (AVST Stand BR2 in the Land Capabilities Zone) in London from 10-13 Sep 2013 and talk to the team.

The mPODt team are actively seeking manufacturing partners and expressions of interest in their design. Please CLICK HERE to register your interest in the mPODt concept and interest in helping us take it forward.

Christopher Foss from IHS Janes featured the mPODt in the DSEi day 1 daily.  That and other information on the mPODt can be accessed through its listing in The Security Catalogue, click to get details.